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Accademia delle Scienze dell'Istituto di Bologna

Vai Zamboni 31

40126 - Bologna - Italia

tel: +39.051.222596

fax: +39.051.265249


Class of Physical Sciences

Its origin is connected to the “Accademia degli Inquieti (the Unquiet)”, founded in 1690 by Eustachio Manfredi, which became the “Accademia delle Scienze” two years later (1711).

Class of Moral Sciences

The Class of Moral Sciences was founded in 1907 with the support of Giovanni Pascoli and other intellectuals from the town of Bologna, after Giosuè Carducci was awarded the Nobel Prize.

Focus On

From Foundations: Notice of competition Prizes (in Italian)
a) Prize contest notice from Foundation Anita Vacchi b) Prize contest notice from Foundation Maria Teresa and Alessandro Ghigi
Programmes 2016
Past and ongoing projects
Round Table: The impact of Science and New Technologies in Paris. Convention for chemical disarmament
By Alberto Breccia Fratadocchi and Gianfranco Tracci.
Chemical Coffee….. trotting
The Publications of the Academy of Sciences
Lectura Dantis Bononiensis