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The Publications of the Academy of Sciences

Monographs (title):

Volume: "Three centuries of science. Outlines of the history of the Academy of Sciences of the Institute of Bologna through studies and the history of its most famous members". By the Registrar of the Accademia delle Scienze dell'Istituto di Bologna dott. Maximum Zini (print year 2011).

Proceedings of the round table of May 12, 2010: "Global chemical production control for the prohibition of chemical weapons". In collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Directorate General for political affairs and security policy "by the Benedictine Academic Prof. Alberto Breccia Fratadocchi.

The impact of science and new technologies in Paris Convention for Chemical disarmament by the Benedictine Academic Prof. Alberto Breccia Fratadocchi.

Series (title and bibliography):

Volume Reports Class of Moral Science

  • years 2007-2008
  • years 2009-2010
  • years 2010-2011
  • years 2011-2012
  • years 2012-2013
  • years 2013-2014

Acts study day in memory of Pablo Lucas Verdù content by volume Reports Class of Moral science years 2013-2014

Acts of the days of commemoration dedicated to Ovidio Captains (historian of the middle ages already President of the Academy of Sciences of Bologna and academia dei Lincei) for a year after his death

Publications planned for this year's upcoming:

Acts of celebrations dedicated to Luigi Ferdinando Marsili curated by Prof. Walter Tega;

LAURA BASSI FORUM acts by the actual Academic Prof.ssa Raffaella Simili.