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Chemical Coffee….. trotting

The Academy of Sciences of the Institute of Bologna, the Order Interprovinciale of Chemists of Emilia Romagna, the Trotting Club, la Chimica e l'industria and Cosimo Franco D.A. of Endura s.p.a, promote a meeting with free access at Arcoveggio to participate in harness racing, at 3 pm, and from 6.30 to 9 p.m. at meeting in convivial form of all concerned to discuss the themes EARTH , WATER, AIR, where eco-environmental issues which have emerged in recent years. They will be discussed (from depletion of agricultural soil to air and water quality and the remedies so far adopted).

Purpose of the meeting is to bring together Academic and Industrial Chemists in convivial form, and students, for an analysis of this they could come up with ideas for the future of chemistry in all sectors in which it is involved, starting with the question: is there a good SCIENCE and a bad SCIENCE?

In the era of globalization there is the ability to define properly the duality of SCIENCE and ETHICS, individual and/or associated with scientific developments in an official form, eg. through an International Social Contract based on the code of ethics, which can be accepted by all countries despite their diversities and differences in evolution?