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Lectura Dantis Bononiensis

The Lectura Dantis is one of the most deeply rooted traditions and one of the most important institutions of the Italian literary criticism. Attached programs from 2009 to 2016

The Lectura Dantis is one of the most deeply rooted and most important aspects of the Italian literary criticism which consists in the reading and interpretation of all the “cantos” of Dante’s Divine Comedy. Since, besides Florence and Ravenna, also Bologna is a “Città Dantesca”, and some of the preminent Dante’s reviewers are professors in the University of Bologna and members of its Academy, starting from 2009 the first new 21st century Lectura Dantis has been held in Bologna jointly promoted by the Academy of Sciences (Class of Moral Sciences)) and the Department of Italian Studies of the University of Bologna. Up to now the Lectura Dantis took place as a series of conferences held in the premises of the Academy of Sciences and will be completed in 2021, that is exactly the year of the seven-hundredth anniversary of Dante’s death. The proceedings of these conferences have been published separately in small volumes (8 up to now) in a specific series of the Academy titled “Lectura Dantis Bononiensis”. Once completed the series will consist of 12 volumes.